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5 After Midnight hit the big time after signing to Simon Cowell’s SYCO label

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As we bring you the hottest pictures of the boys, is it officially time up for One Direction as the X Factor mogul signs this new urban boy band?

They may have finished third in the contest but Cowell believes Kieran Alleyne (21), Nathan Lewis (23), and Jordan Lee (21) have the potential to earn him the most money.

Originally known as 5AM, the trio only formed five weeks before their X Factor audition. They caught Simon Cowell’s eye early on in the competition, and he believes that he can hit the jackpot with the boys’ stylish good looks alongside their singing and dancing skills. Cowell is thought to be looking to fill the vacuum left by his previous big earners One Direction.

We are super excited about this! Can’t wait to get our music to you guys! — 5 After Midnight

5 After Midnight finished one better than fellow threesome Rough Copy, who got to fourth place in 2013. The most successful R&B group to come out of the X Factor were JLS, who finished second to Alexandra Burke in 2008.

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