• carvellconduah.jpg
    Carvell Conduah by Brooklyn Beckham
  • maddiedemaine.jpg
    Maddie Demaine by Brooklyn Beckham
  • benrees.jpg
    Ben Rees by Brooklyn Beckham
  • livmasonpearson.jpg
    Liv Mason Pearson by Brooklyn Beckham
  • lewishelim.jpg
    Lewis Helim by Brooklyn Beckham

A look back at Brooklyn Beckham’s Burberry shoot

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Brooklyn Beckham

Brooklyn Beckham captured top models Carvell Conduah, Maddie Demaine, Ben Rees, Liv Mason Pearson, and Lewis Helim in his first major campaign shoot.

The budding celebrity snapper hopes to study photography at university.

I’m hoping to study art and photography in the US, once I have finished my A Levels. I love football, but would also love a career in photography. Who knows…?

Brooklyn Beckham

Brooklyn’s first photo book, What I See, will be available later this year from amazon.com and amazon.co.uk

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