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    Jacob Anderson | Raleigh Ritchie by Brian Daly
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    Jacob Anderson | Raleigh Ritchie by Brian Daly
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    Jacob Anderson | Raleigh Ritchie by Brian Daly
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    Jacob Anderson | Raleigh Ritchie by Brian Daly
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    Jacob Anderson | Raleigh Ritchie by Brian Daly

Actor, musician, director — Jacob Anderson’s got it all

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Jacob Anderson does a bit of everything. In Game Of Thrones, he plays Grey Worm, leader of The Unsullied. Under the name Raleigh Ritchie, he makes emotionally raw modern soul music. At the moment, he’s busy directing a short film.

I’m sure some actors find it difficult to switch between things but it’s all just pretending to me. I find it easy to switch from one type of pretending to another. It’s kind of the same with switching between music and acting; a different way of having fun.

For Anderson, acting has only ever been half the game; music is just as big a part of what he’s about. Under the name Raleigh Ritchie he released his debut album last year and is now making a second one.

I always thought the difficult second album thing was just an excuse, but it’s hard; it’s a cliché for a reason. You want to top that first album and reach your full potential but you put everything into the first one and you’re like, ‘what more potential have I got?’ But I’m really enjoying doing it. It’s stressful sometimes, but it’s fun.

How does he mix the two jobs and write songs while filming Game Of Thrones?

I like to create an office environment when I’m working on songs but I write ideas down every day, all day at any time. My phone is loaded with voice notes and memo notes to myself.

Collaborators on his first album You’re A Man Now, Boy include Stormzy, and Anderson made an appearance on his Gang Signs & Prayer track Don’t Cry For Me. The two artists go way back and over time their mutual respect has grown and grown.

We worked together years ago when I asked him to do a remix of one of my songs. We really got on and he told me he was a fan of my music so I checked him out and was like, ‘this guy’s amazing!’ His first EP, Dreamers Disease, is pretty insane and brilliant and very different. We just met up and chatted about music and he asked me to be on his album and I asked him to be on mine and that was it. I’m so happy for him with everything that’s going on for him at the moment. He’s a very surprising guy. I think to some people he’s got this reputation as a bad boy or whatever. And maybe he is in certain circles, I don’t know, but both things can be true. You can be two different people.

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