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    David Mcintosh
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    David Mcintosh
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    David Mcintosh
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    David Mcintosh
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    David Mcintosh

David Mcintosh modelling underwear in Palm Springs

in Celebrity/Fashion/TV

Model, marine and athlete David Mcintosh creates a bright white series of photos for the Rufskin mesh underwear collection.

David Mcintosh was a Royal Marines commando for 7 years, an elite fighting unit within the British military. What did he think about the Rufskin shoot?

In all honesty, it was possibly, no definitely, the most fun shoot I’ve done! Outfits were banging, pictures were taken quickly with no messing about, the sun was shining, and after we were done creating magic, I was treated to some fabulous food, naughty little cocktails while chilling to some sexy house music. Rufskin you rock!

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