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Meet rugby playing Bromans competitor Tom Trotter

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Rugby player and fitness fanatic Tom Trotter is taking part in ITV2’s gladiator-style competition Bromans.

Tom Trotter

Former Cambridge scrum half Tom is an expert when it comes to exercise and nutrition, so his time on the show gave him mixed feelings.

The best thing about Bromans was the physical training and proving myself. I definitely think the hardest part of the show was the Roman diet — it was so dull and tasteless.

Tom Trotter

Tom took a liking to the gladiator outfit.

I bonded with the gold briefs. Each time I wear them I feel like I’ve got that gladiatorial experience.

Tom wasn’t the only one to like the costumes. When David Mcintosh, who plays the fearsome Doctore, was asked if he got to keep his outfits, he jokingly replied “Yeah, of course, that was in the contract!”.

To see how you can get into shape just like Tom check out his fitness vlog below.

You can follow Tom @tomtrotter_

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