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Morris Chestnut and Obi Obadike cover Muscle & Performance

in Celebrity/Fitness/Movies

This is the second time the pair have featured in the magazine.

Obi Obadike and Morris Chestnut
Obi Obadike and Morris Chestnut

The actor and his personal trainer have launched a new body sculpting fitness regimen.

When Morris Chestnut hit the media circuit to promote his blockbuster movie The Best Man Holiday, hosts and producers didn’t want to hear about the film as much as they wanted to talk about his incredible physical transformation. Not long before shooting that movie, Morris was in the worst shape of his life — 30 pounds overweight, avoiding the gym and frequenting the drive-through. He turned to celebrity trainer Obi Obadike to help him turn things around in time for the film, and the results speak for themselves. Morris went from a soft 220 pounds to a ripped 187 in 12 weeks, and audiences haven’t stopped raving about his new look, or asking how he achieved it!

I do something every day, even if it’s just riding the stationary bike and watching the news. It’s hard for me not to work out, it’s part of my daily life. — Morris Chestnut

After receiving so much press and hundreds of questions about Morris’s dramatic weight loss, the men put their heads together and wrote The Cut, a book based on the same training and nutrition principles as those Chestnut used to get him ripped and role-ready.

This system worked for Morris and it can work for other people as well. The workouts have you moving constantly, and you’re not as concerned with lifting heavy weights as you are with burning calories and achieving an elevated heart rate. If your objective is fat loss, that is the best way to train. — Obi Obadike

Part fitness and part weight loss plan, this regimen is designed to help readers lose pounds and trim inches quickly. Featuring Obi’s trademark fat-burning exercise program and Morris’s personal diet and exercise plan, The Cut is designed to help readers lose weight and kept it off.

The Cut is available now from amazon.com and amazon.co.uk

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