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Prince’s art director shares his unpublished photos of the legend

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For 13 years Steve Parke Parke collaborated with Prince, helping to create the look of the man whose style and sound was ever-evolving.

As art director and in-house photographer, Parke was responsible for designing everything from album covers and set design to music videos and merchandise. Parke produced a stunning body of work, most of it never seen until now, with the publication of Picturing Prince. Accompanying the images is a series of 50 remarkable vignettes written by Parke that pull back the curtain to reveal Prince: the man, the artist, the legend.

We would mock up covers for his CD while he was still working on the CD. One time he told me he did that partially because he then looked at that album cover and thought, “Now I have to make music to go with that.” He liked having that sitting there as a place to focus and create.

Picturing Prince: An Intimate Portrait is available from amazon.com and amazon.co.uk

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