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    Ricky Whittle by Quavondo Nguyen
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    Ricky Whittle by Quavondo Nguyen
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    Ricky Whittle by Quavondo Nguyen
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    Ricky Whittle by Quavondo Nguyen

Ricky Whittle photographed by Quavondo Nguyen for Cliché Magazine

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Ricky Whittle by Quavondo Nguyen
Ricky Whittle by Quavondo Nguyen

Ahead of the world wide premiere of his new show American Gods, Ricky Whittle is styled for this fashion shoot by Yesenia Cuevas.

British actor Ricky Whittle, a former Reebok model and star of the teen soap Hollyoaks, is well cast as the solid, stoic protagonist Moon. Possessed of the admirable biceps and neck of a man who has passed many months in the exercise yard, he is as ambiguously mixed race as in the novel, an emblem of the melting pot that America claims to be, and which this story celebrates. Whittle’s  own relocation to the US, and subsequent reinvention into a serious performer, perfectly encapsulates the immigrant’s American Dream. — Daily Telegraph

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