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Rio Ferdinand talks about his plans to become a professional boxer

in Athletes/Boxing

In a surprise move former Manchester United and England captain Rio Ferdinand has announced that he is planning to become a professional boxer.

38-year-old Ferdinand hopes to get his boxing licence from the British Boxing Board of Control to step into the ring. Since he retired from football, he’s gained 11kg of lean muscle, going from 85kg to a hard-hitting, athletic 96kg.

I’m into keeping fit and one of the big things I have missed since retiring from football in 2015 is the competition, whether it be as a team or as an individual going one-on-one against a striker. I just miss that chemical that comes out of you. I have not been able to replace it. This is a great way to get that back. I’m doing this for many reasons. I’m doing this to test myself as a man, as a human being. I’m taking it stage by stage. I won’t say I am going to do x, y and z when I have so many hurdles to get over. I don’t look at this as a circus, I’ve got the utmost respect for boxing.

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