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These images of the NYC Dance Project capture the stunning athleticism of ballet

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Stars from the world of dance are captured in evocative poses that sometimes suggest weightlessness or even flight.

Ken Browar and Deborah Ory’s breathtaking photographs of the NYC Dance Project capture both the stillness of a single instant and the vitality of movement. They capture the art and athleticism of some of today’s best dancers with striking and intimate portraits.

Browar and Ory have captured dazzling strength, fierce focus and abundant joy in these arresting images of extraordinary artists. What makes their photos stand out is that they communicate not just movement, but interact with the viewer on a personal and emotional level. Their photographs are now gathered together in a sumptuous new book, The Art of Movement, where they have been beautifully reproduced and bound; a worthy frame to enhance their work. The book’s title is a modest one, because the art of movement comes from not just from their subjects, but it is the art of the photographer which captures it so vividly.

Dance lovers, here is your Rodeo Drive shopping spree, your Four Seasons spa day, your celeb-indulgence wrapped in intoxicating finery. Here, the dramatic lighting and compressed storytelling of a Vogue shoot are paired with gorgeous creatures who seem to be floating, flying or balanced on nothingness.

The Art of Movement is available from amazon.com and amazon.co.uk

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