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Top athletes promote the benefits of Merino wool for performance sportswear

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Eric Underwood
Eric Underwood

Gymnast Louis Smith, ballet dancer Eric Underwood, boxer Conor Benn, rugby star Thom Evans, and footballer Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain are shot by photographer Matthew Shave wearing Merino wool activewear.

Perhaps surprisingly, wool sportswear has several advantages over garments made from other materials. The fibers are extremely fine and a garment made from Merino wool will stretch and then return to its original shape during workouts and performances. Its anti-static properties mean that it is less likely to cling uncomfortably to the body during exercise. Merino is excellent at keeping the skin dry thanks to its ability to absorb more than a third of its weight in moisture while staying dry to the touch – making it far more effective at moisture management compared to synthetic fibers.

When Merino is combined with small amounts of certain man-made fibers it can help also increase the wool’s natural tensile strength, making such garments ideal for full-on contact sports. The combination can also speed up the wicking process of taking moisture away from the body and releasing it into the atmosphere.

Wool creates a huge number of tiny insulating air pockets that keep wearers cool in the heat and warm in the cold. And not only will you sweat less in wool, any odor causing molecules are locked away by wool’s complex chemical structure.

As part of the promotion GQ Magazine released a video explaining what links boxing champion Conor Benn and the Royal Ballet’s Eric Underwood.

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