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Up close and personal with Sir Ben Marx in Barcelona

in Music/Photography/Video

FULLINFORM caught up with the jet-setting recording artist we all love to call SIR in Barcelona for an exclusive “brief” up close and personal interview.

F: We love your tagline I PREFER SIR, what’s the story behind it?
S: My full stage name is Sir Ben Marx and well, don’t all of you much rather prefer me?
F: Absolutely!
S: *Winks*
F: So what does SIR prefer?
S: Depends on what we are talking about…
F: Guys, girls or both?
S: I prefer neither, but aliens prefer me.
F: Boxers or briefs?
S: Briefs, but boxers or jockstraps when I work out.
F: Night or day?
S. Night for sure, unless I’m on a beach in the sun.
F: Speaking of which, we saw you shooting what looks like a music video earlier on the beach, are you enjoying your time in Barcelona while you work?
S: Spain is lovely and so are the people, BUT the herb is even better.
F: Bad boy!
S: Actually I PREFER SIR, and yes I’m a tyrant for smoking herb. *Winks*
F: Can we expect to see that video soon? It looked really hot!
S: Hell yea, and the new album, Popular Boy, will drop this summer. I’ve been here shooting for the past few days and the stuff we’ve got so far is amazing. I’m taking a bigger hand in directing the videos myself.
F: Impressive, we can’t wait to see, well, what it is you see!
S: Thanks, it’s going to be so dope!
F: SIR you are dope!
S: Right on, until next time guys, PEACE!

You can follow SIR @7sir7

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